Gham Se Pareshan

Areh Oh Gham She Pareshaan Honeh Waaloh
Deekhaaye Kya Tumhe Hum Apneh Dil Keh Chhaaleh

Yeh Muhobbat Toh Hain Eik Aag Kah Dariyaa
Woh Aur Hee Hoteh Hain Paar Utarneh Waaleh

Dil Jho Diya Hai Toh Sitam Bhi Sehneh Honghe
Hum Nahee Sishak Keh Aahein Bharne Waleh

Chahein Toh Apnee Betaabiyaa Bhi Deh Doh
Daaman Mein Chuupah Lenghe Tujhe Tadapneh She Bachaneh Waaleh

Tera Yeh Dard Gham Ab Gham Hain Deewaneh Kaah
Uuf Tak Nah Karenghe Yeh Khamoshee Mein Sishkaneh Waaleh

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25 Dec 2007 No Comment 10

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