Gam Chhupaate Rahe Muskuraate Rahe

Gam Chhupaate Rahe Muskuraate Rahe
Mahafilon Mahafilon Gungunaate Rahe

Aansuon Se Likhi Dil Ki Taharir Ko
Phul Ki Pattiyon Se Sajaate Rahe

Gazalen Kumhalaa Gain Nazmein Murjhaa Gain
Git Sanvalaa Gaye Saaz Chup Ho Gaye

Phir Bhi Ahal-E-Chaman Kitane Khushzauq The
Nagmaa-E-Fasl-E-Gul Gungunaate Rahe

Teri Saanson Ki Khushbu Labon Ki Mahak
Jaane Kaise Havaayen Udaa Laain Thi

Vaqt Kaa Har Qadam Bhi Bahakataa Rahaa
Zaqt Le Paanv Bhi Dagmagaate Rahe

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    04 Dec 2008 No Comment 8

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