From The Sea

From The Sea Of The Unconscious
Advances My Love Cyclone

With The Intention To Reach You
And To Settle Down In Your Soul…

It Won’t Come To You
As A Destroyer Of Every Thing,

Neither Will It Be Impassive
Towards Everything It Meets…

It Will Be Something Different
And It Won’t Have Any Intention

To Trouble Your Life And Your Heart
With Stormy Winds And Rainfalls…

It Is Not Its’ Habit To Bring
Along Thunders And Lightnings,

Nor Has It Ever Caused
Disasters On Its Way…

The Components Of Its Being
Are Passion And Caresses And Hugs

As You See, These Are Harmless Things
That Cannot Hurt You…

Yes, It Is With Them That I Intend
To Transform Your Existence…

You Will See That My Love Cyclone
Won’t Let You Distinguish

Whether You Are Dreaming
Or Living Your Reality…

More Shayari by Amanush Danny
16 Sep 2008 No Comment

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