The First Time I Kissed You It Gave Our Lives A Change,
The Last Day You Were Mine That Change Became So Strange.
The Day Before, You Were My Wife,
Until The Next Morning You Changed Your Life.
It’s Weird What Time And Motion Can Do,
I Knew You So Well Before But Now It’s Just Like Whom?
When We Talk It’s Not Even The Same,
It’s All Just Heartache And A Little More Pain.
Sometimes I Wish I Can Stick To Whatever I Say,
But When It Comes To Your Smile My Heart Seems To Go Astray.
The Thoughts In My Brain Always Seem To Wander,
I Don’t Know Why, I Can’t Stop Myself From This Echo From This Ponder.
Why Do You Always Endorse Your Feelings Away From Me?
Why Is It Always Me That Has To Make A Plea?
Words Of Wisdom To One And To All,
People Come And Go In Your Live Faster Than You Can Fall.
Humanity Is Very Different In His Or Her Own Way,
Many Souls Can Touch Your Heart But Only A Few Will Stay.
Only In Time One Will Realize What Is Real From Fake,
And When This Quake Hits You It Might Give Your Heart An Ache.
Why Cry For People Who Would Never Cry For You?
Why Throw Your Life For Someone When All You Get It Screwed?
Who Is Going To Be There When It All Comes Down To The End?
You Really Think You’ll Have Someone Given The Name A Friend?
Try To See Straight And Walk The Right Way,
Don’t Forget Who Has Always Been There And Who Will Always Want To Stay.
Because Not Everyone Would Be There, No They Would Leave You Far Behind,
And When This Tragedy Happens Your So Called Friends Will Be Hard To Find

by trinizfinest 

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08 Jul 2008 No Comment

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