Four Seasons Of Our Love

In December, Snowflakes Fall From The Sky
Those Snowflakes As Precious As Your Eyes
Pure Romance, Our Tender Hearts Will Chase
Cuddling Up So Ever Warm By The Fireplace.

In Beautiful Spring, During April’s Showers
Before Nature Is Blooming With Sunflowers
I Will Hold You Close To Kiss You In The Rain
It’s You My Lover, That My Heart Has Gained.

It’s In The Midst Of Summer, Neath The Stars
You And I Lay, Til The Moon Comes Our Way
The Stars Are Aligned And The Mood Is Right
And Your Beauty, Reflects In The Moonlight.

In The Autumn, Leaves Falling From The Trees
Some Are Yellow, Orange, Brown And Green
I’ll Follow My Heart And Follow My Dreams
It’s Your Love My Darling That’s Guiding Me.

I Fell For You As The Leaves Do In November
Love, Is As Beautiful As December’s Winter
It’s Through These Four Seasons, Of Our Love
That My Tender Heart Simply Grown To Love

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09 Jul 2008 No Comment 2

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