Four Old Ladies

Four Old Ladies,
Walk Together
In Their Seventies
Making A Wonderful Group
Of Their Joy To Feel.

Creating A New Kind Of Joy,
In Which They Want To Swing,
Gossiping And Laughing
Baring Their Teeth As If
They Are Not Losing Anything
But Enjoy Every Moment Of Life.

Fat And Tall,
Each One Of Them Wearing Sari,
Occupying The Whole Way
Thinking Of Nobody
Someone Has To Go Through.

All Of Them Have Spent Iii Stages,
Now They Are All Swaying
On The Fourth Stage.

Gentle And Polite They Are,
Making No Harm To Anybody
But They Carry On With Their Walk
To Enjoy All The Things Of The World
When Reaching To The Last Stage.

More Shayari by Pushkar Bisht
28 Jun 2008 No Comment 2

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