Forever And A Day Girl

Forever And A Day Girl!
Dedicated To: My Charen
It Was In Your Arms Where I Found
Forever And A Day!
Now I Can Close My Eyes And Dream For A Lifetime
I Know Our Love Is Eternal.
Not Just Whispers In The 4 Strong Winds That Blow Lonely,
All I Have Is All I Need The Day I Found You!
A Wish I May, A Wish I Might, A Wish So Right
The Day I Found You!
Now We Are..
Chasing Butterflies Together
Gathering Cosmos In The Green Valley,
A Picnic On The Banks Of A River
Eating Ice Cream While Watching The Boats Come In.
Sitting On A Rock At The Beach Sharing Our Thoughts
Picking Up Pebbles And Throwing Them Back Into The Sea.
Watching Sunsets And Sunrises
Seeing The Tide Come In And Go Back Again,
While The Sun Makes Love To The Sea.
A Romantic Candle Lit Dinner
Soaking In A Bath Full Of Bubbles,
Watching A Movie Or A Favourite Tv Programs
Passionate Kisses, Hugs & Tender Cuddles
Just Before We Say Goodnight!
We Will Dance With Angels In The Sky
Kiss The Moon A Million Times.
Wipe Away Each Other’s Tears
Comfort All, And Any Of Our Fears.
Experiencing Volcanic Explosions Of Love
Where Heaven Meets Earth!
Taking Journeys To Nevaland Where Only Swans Can Fly,
Making Wild And Wicked Love Until We Cant No More,
Just Laying In The Harbour Of Each Others Arms
Our Love Is More Than Enough To Last A Life Time!
Did I Ever Tell You How You Live In Me?
There Is No Beginning; There Can Be No End,
Only Colours As We Paint Our Love On The Clouds,
A Rollercoaster Ride On The Rainbow After A Storm.
There Is Not A Night To Long That Can’t Find The Day!
Or A Storm Without A Rainbow
Because That Rainbow Is In You!
And It All Comes Down To You And Me
No Matter How Far Away This World Becomes.
Through The Storm, Or The Darkest Night
I Had Found My Brightest Star
The Warmest Sun, Softest Snowflake,
Moon Lit Nights Enough To Last Forever.
Now For You And Me
Roses Will Always Be Red And Violets Blue.
And For You I Give You A Love So True
A Love That Cannot Be Bought Or Sold
A Love That Will Last A Lifetime
It Was In Your Arms Where I Found…
Forever And A Day Girl!

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