Follow The Heart Not People

All These
That Grasps Themselves
Into Encounters
Of Social Lives
And Previous Heartbreaks
How They
Blame You For The Big
Of Love
And Falling In Love
Downsiding Only
Your Expectations
Is The Repetitive Word
That Comes Out Of Their System
Giving You The
Benefit Of The Doubt
That You Cant
Handle Your Own
Or Take Your Steps
Without Their Belief
You’re Going To Fail
Presumptuous And Anxious
To Loosen That Mind Of Yours
And Retaliate
In The Best Way
That You Know How
But Realizing
They Aren’t There
To Support You
When The Heat Gets
Too Unbearable
You Realize
You Shouldnt Have
Been In The Kitchen
In The First Place
Subsiding Your
Thoughts On
What Love Really Is
Never Knowing
That While They Chatter
Up A Storm
And Comment On
The Pettiest Things
About You
That Loving Hand
That Usually
Consoles You
Or Puts Their Arms
Around You
Will Have Vanished
Because Of Their
Flapping Tongues
Getting Into The
Of Your Future
Or Your Beamed On Light
Of Reconciliation

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