Firaaq Se Bhii Gaye Ham Visaal Se Bhii Gaye

Firaaq Se Bhii Gaye Ham Visaal Se Bhii Gaye
Subuk Huye Hain To Aish-E-Malaal Se Bhii Gaye

Jo But-Kade Men The Vo Sahibaan-E-Kashf-O-Kamaal
Haram Men Aaye Tp Kashf-O-Kamaal Se Bhii Gaye

Usii Nigaah Kii Narmii Se Dag-Magaa Gaye Qadam
Usii Nigaah Ke Tevar Sambhaal Se Bhii Gaye

Gam-E-Hayaat-O-Gam-E-Dost Kii Kashaakash Men
Ham Aise Log To Ranj-O-Malaal Se Bhii Gaye

Vo Log Jin Se Terii Bazm Men The Hangaame
Gaye To Kyaa Terii Bazm-E-Khayaal Se Bhii Gaye

Ham Aise Kaun The Lekin Qafas Ki Ye Duniyaa
Ke Par-Shikaston Men Apanii Misaal Se Bhii Gaye

Charaag-E-Bazm Abhii Jaan-E-Anjuman Na Bujhaa
Ke Ye Bujhaa To Tere Khad-O-Khaal Se Bhii Gaye

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