Find Something Else To Judge

Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My Lack Of Verbal Communication.
Neither My Intellectual Functioning
Nor My Mental Stability Is Impaired.
I Just Don’t Wish To Make A Fool Of Myself
Or Hurt Anyone With My Words.

Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My Style Of Dress.
Don’t Try To Indirectly Confine Me To
Gender-Appropriate Wear.
I’ll Present Myself However I Please;
You Have No Influence Over Me.

Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My Face Full Of Acne.
Technically, It’s Only An Adverse Reaction
To The Hormones Coursing Through My Body.
My Acne Will Go Away In Due Time,
And You’ll Suffer From It As Well.

Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My History Of Mistakes.
We All Fall Flat On Our Faces,
And We All Have Breaking Points.
You Have No Right To Judge Me
When You’re As Guilty As I.

Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My Differing Opinion.
Just Because I Disagree
Doesn’t Make Me Less Of A Person.
Let Me Have My Opinions
And We Can Agree To Disagree.

Find Something Else To Judge
Besides My Exposed Outer Shell.
I Don’t Need To Look, Think, Or Be Like You
To Be Of Worth.
Let Me Live My Own Life, Please.
Your Judgments Aren’t Going To Be My Problem

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03 Sep 2008 No Comment 2

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