Filmi Chakkar

Enjoy These Filmi Definations,

Pentiumii & Pentium I :== Bade Miyan Chote Miyan

An Employee Who Signs A Bond :== Bandhan

An Employee Who Is Ready To Sign A Bond :== Dulhan Banu Main Teri

An Employee Without Signing Bond :== Kachche Dhage

Sister Concern :== Judwa

Boss Se To Employees When Asked For Increment :== Kuch Kuch Hota Hain

An Employee Who Works Sincerely :== Dil Se

An Employee Who Is Ready To Leave His Job :== Doli Saja Ke Rakhna

A Project Having Two Projects Leaders :== Aik Phool Do Mali

An Employee Without Accommodation :== Pardesi Babu

Password :== China Gate

Super User Password :== Gupt

An Employee Who Sticks To A Company For More Than 3 Years :== Amar Prem

Bill Gates :== Hum Se Badh Kar Kaun

Microsoft Corporation :== Ustadon Ke Ustad

Ctrl C+ Ctrl V :== Duplicate

An Employee On Probation :== Paying Guest

Ctrl + Alt + Del :== Aakhri Raasta

An Employee Who Frequently Changes The Company :== Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Group Leader :== Khal Nayak

Backup :== Jagte Raho

Dos & Windows :== Do Raaste

F1 :== Guide

Internet Door :== Gagan Ki Chav Main

Operator Vs Computer :== Main Khiladi Tu Anadi

Windows 95 :== Bade Dilwala

Undelete :== Naya Jeewan

Project Incharge :== Mohra

An Employee Ho Falls In Love During His Posting In Foreign Country :== Love In


An Employee Who Left The Job Without Informing :== 9 Do 11 Nau Do Gyarah

Mail Merge In Ms Word :== Sangam

Server :== Godfather

Interview :== Muqabla

Result Of Interview :== Kadwa Sach

An Employee Who Fails To Get Visa :== Hero Hindustani

Visa :== Border

A System Infected By Virus :== Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

Anti Virus Kit :== Soldier

System Without Ram :== Kora Kagaz

Temporary File :== Khote Sikke

A System Which Frequently Requires Bootable Disk :== Sharabi

A Computer For The Virus :== Piya Ka Ghar

Hard Disk Vs Floppy Disk :== Gharwali Baharwali

Boss Having Less Knowledge Than Employee :== Baap Numbari Beta Dus Numbari

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