Fearsome Storm

O Release The Poet In You
Get To The Person You Are
Unleash The Spirits In You
Tear Down The Fence Yoiu
Have Locked Yourself In

Commit All The Mistakes
You Want To – Crimes Are Not
Allowed But Mistakes
Yes You Can
And The Funny Thing Is
They Do A Heaven Of Good
To You

Edward Jenner’s
Misplaced Petri Dish
That Turned Out A
Weakened Virus
To Save A Million
Million Lives
It Had Started Out Small
And Weak Like A Msitake

Mistakes Make
You Stronger As You Accept Its
Challenge To Seek The
Knowledge Hidden
Behind Each Of Them

Once Corrected The
New Findings Sticks
So Much Easier
And Stronger Like
A Weakened Virus
That Could Take On
The Stronger Ones
For Immunity To Work

In The Sky Of Every
Lesson Learnt From Mistakes
Is That Luminuous Light That
Streaks Across The Mind To
Hold Us In Delight

There Is Always So Much To Gain
From A Fearsome Storm

The Crisp, Cool And Appetising Air
That Cleanses The Lungs
And Removes The Jadeness
Of The Mind After All Is Over

There Is Always A Light At The End Of
Each Tunnel Of A Mistake Made
And A Misty Mirror Waiting To
Be Wiped Clean To Accommodate
The Person You Have Been
Seeking – You

More Shayari by John Tiong Chunghoo
27 Jun 2008 No Comment 5

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