Lately I Feel So Lost
Don’t Know Who I Am
And I Don’t Know Where I Am Going

Life Just Seems To Be The Same
Wake Up And Go To Work
And Do It Again All Over Again

I Feel Like Nobody Sees Me
I Feel Like Nobody Hears Me
I Feel Like I Am Completely All Alone

I’ve Been Thinking Lately
About Who I Am Today
But I Don’t Know The Words That Define Me

To Some People I Come Off As Strong
I Don’t Let Others Bother Me
But In All Actuality I’m Just Putting Up A Front

I’m Trying To Be Someone People Like
Someone People Enjoy Being Around
I Actually Think I’m Becoming Somebody That Is Not Me

I’m Usually A Lover, I Let Everybody In
I Don’t Have A Problem Accepting People For Who They Are
But Lately I Have Become A Hater

Maybe I’ve Become A Hater Because I Am Losing Who I Am
Or Maybe I’m Still Searching For Who I Want To Be
Or Maybe I Never Actually Knew Who I Was

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02 Jul 2008 No Comment

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