Faith-Hope-Love (Bk. Xi – The Church)

Q. What Is The Church?
A. The Church Is The Community Of The New Covenant.

Q. How Is The Church Described In The Bible?
A. The Church Is Described As The Body Of Which Jesus Christ Is The Head
And Of Which All Baptized Persons Are Members. It Is Called The People Of God,
The New Israel, A Holy Nation, A Royal Priesthood, And The Pillar And Ground Of Truth.

Q. How Is The Church Described In The Creeds?
A. The Church Is Described As One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic.

Q. Why Is The Church Described As One?
A. The Church Is One, Because It Is One Body, Under One Head, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Q. Why Is The Church Described As Holy?
A. The Church Is Holy, Because The Holy Spirit Dwells In It, Consecrates Its Members,
And Guides Them To Do God’s Work.

Q. Why Is The Church Described As Catholic?
A. The Church Is Catholic, Because It Proclaims The Whole Faith To All People,
To The End Of Time.

Q. Why Is The Church Described As Apostolic?
A. The Church Is Apostolic, Because It Continues In The Teaching
And Fellowship Of The Apostles And Is Sent To Carry Out Christ’s Mission To All People.

Q. What Is The Mission Of The Church?
A. The Mission Of The Church Is To Restore All People To Unity With God
And Each Other In Christ.

Q. How Does The Church Pursue Its Mission?
A. The Church Pursues Its Mission As It Prays And Worships, Proclaims The Gospel,
And Promotes Justice, Peace, And Love.

Q. Through Whom Does The Church Carry Out Its Mission?
A. The Church Carries Out Its Mission Through The Ministry Of All Its Members

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