Faith-Hope-Love (Bk. Vii – God The Son, Prt.2)

Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That Jesus Is The Only Son Of God?
A. We Mean That Jesus Is The Only Perfect Image Of The Father,
And Shows Us The Nature Of God.

Q. What Is The Nature Of God Revealed In Jesus?
A. God Is Love.

Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That Jesus Was Conceived By The Power Of The Holy
Spirit And Became Incarnate From The Virgin Mary?
A. We Mean That By God’s Own Act,
His Divine Son Received Our Human Nature From The Virgin Mary, His Mother.

Q. Why Did He Take Our Human Nature?
A. The Divine Son Became Human,
So That In Him Human Beings Might Be Adopted As Children Of God,
And Be Made Heirs Of God’s Kingdom.

Q. What Is The Great Importance Of Jesus’ Suffering And Death?
A. By His Obedience, Even To Suffering And Death,
Jesus Made The Offering Which We Could Not Make;
In Him We Are Freed From The Power Of Sin And Reconciled To God.

Q. What Is The Significance Of Jesus’ Resurrection?
A. By His Resurrection, Jesus Overcame Death And Opened For Us The Way Of Eternal Life.

Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That He Descended To The Dead?
A. We Mean That He Went To The Departed
And Offered Them Also The Benefits Of Redemption.

Q. What Do We Mean When We Say That He Ascended Into Heaven
And Is Seated At The Right Hand Of The Father?
A. We Mean That Jesus Took Our Human Nature Into Heaven Where He Now Reigns
With The Father And Intercedes For Us.

Q. How Can We Share In His Victory Over Sin, Suffering, And Death?
A. We Share In His Victory When We Are Baptized Into
The New Covenant And Become Living Members Of Christ

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