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A Bell Is Not A Bell Till Someone Rings It
Love Wasn’t Put In My Heart To Stay
For Love Isn’t Love Till It Is Given Away
Come, Come And Get It Away
Come And And Get It All
Take It All Take My Heart My Soul

I Love You But I Fear
U Gave Me Every Thing I Needed
Before Even Hearing It
But What I Really Need Is To Feel U By My Side
Holding Me Tight
Holding Me All Night
I Am Afraid Of Losing You

I See The Whole World Through Your Eyes
I See Your Eyes Every Where In The World
Without U Am Useless, Aimless, Breathless
Simply Dead
U Are Carrying My Heart Within Yours

Love Is Life’s Sweet Mystery
You Are This Sweet Mystery And The Sweetest Mystery I’ve Ever Met
I Love You But I’m Afraid
Afraid Of Losing You
Afraid Of Losing Your Support
Afraid Of Missing Your Sweet “I Love You”

I Can’t See Anyone But You By My Side
I Can’t Even Imagine It
I Can’t Imagine Someone Loving Me But You
I Can’t Imagine Someone Touching Me But You
I Can’t Imagine Someone Hugging Me But You
I Can’t Imagine Someone Kissing Me But You

I Need To Dive Deeply Within Your Arms
Sleeping Within Them Endless Nights
By Your Side I Need No World
You, Sweet Heart, Are My World

Within Your Arms Lays My Bed
Within Your Eyes, I See My Future
Within My Heart I Carry Your Love
Within My Soul I Carry U As A Whole

Love Is A Moment That Lasts Forever
No Wonder I Loved U In 10 Days
10 Days And I Was Done
10 Days And I Was Gone
Gone To A Whole New World
A New World Named After Your Name
A World Of Only One Motto
“You’ll Never Need Anything, I’ll Be There”

Your Love Is Like A Blazing Flame Golden Full Of Warmth
Your Warmth Wormed My Soul
I Need My Body No More As Long As I Have My Babe
I Need My Body No More As Long As You Have My Soul

One Look, One Smile, One Touch,
One Embrace, One Kiss, One Love
Two People, Two Minds,
Two Souls, Two Destinies
One Road, One Journey, One Ending
Together I Wish Could Be The End.

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