Every Time We’re Together

Every Time We’re Together
In Each Others Arms
I Know You Will Keep Me Safe
And Protect Me From Any Harm.

Whenever You’re Around
I Get Lost In Your Eyes
You Have Taken Way My Sadness
My Heartache And My Cries.

Every Time I’m With You
And You’re Holding My Hand
I Know Whenever There’s A Problem
You Will Always Understand.

Whenever I Talk To You
You Take Away Any Pain
You’ve Cured My Hurt
And Still Tend To Keep My Sane.

Every Time I Hear Or See
The Sight Of Your Name
I Know For A Fact No One Else
I Could Never Feel The Same.

Whenever I Think Of You
Nothing In The Whole World Matters
You Have Bought Me So Much Happiness
I Know With You Heart Won’t Shatter.

Every Time I See Your Face
I Feel Something Deep Within My Heart
Its A Love So Strong Between You And I
That Will Never Let Us Part.

Whenever The Sun Shines
Or The Rain May Fall
I Think To Myself How Much I Love You
And How I Consider You My All.

Every Time The Phone Rings
And I Hear Your Voice
I Know In My Heart Loving You
Is Definitely The Right Choice.

Whenever I Have You Close To Me
0r Even Feel You Near
I Know You Will Hold Me
And Scare Away My Fear.

Every Time I’m With You
I Fall In Love With You Even More
You’re Some Special To Me
And The One I’ll Always Adore.

More Shayari by Faiq Waljee
23 Aug 2008 No Comment 3

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