Ending Pain

I’ve Been Pushed Out
From All Of My Friends
I Wonder Why Does This
Happen To Me
To Go Through This

I Sit Down And Cry Then
I See Something Perfectly Sharpened
In All Its Glory
To Help Me
To Release Me
Let Me Free

A Tear Takes Place
Makes It Journey To My Wrist
I Get Up And Look At My Ugly Face
In The Mirror
Im Ending This Mistake
This Mistake Thats Me & My Life
Im Fed Up With Life

When Im Gone
Do Not Cry
When Im Dead
Ill Be Just Like
A Child Whos Gone To
Please Dont Shed
Shed One Tear

Why Do I Have Crap Friend?
A Friend Who Don’t Care
A Friend Who’m Dont Share

He Was My Mate
A Friend Who Helped Me
When I Was Down And
There When I Pulled A Frown

I Dont Think I Can Deal With This
I Surely Will Be The Next One To Die
I Will Never Really Feel
From The Pain You’ve Coursed
And I Dont Have The Rapid Urge To Heal

Today Is Going To Be My Real End
Always Remember Me
You Are My Only Friend
This Is A Goodbye To My Best Friend Lauren, So Goodbye
And Ill Be Always Here Even When I Die

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