Enchanting Expectations

A Mother To Be, Your Baby Inside
Through Backaches And Leg Cramps You Take It In Stride

A Love Like No Other Grows With Each Passing Day,
A Gift From Above, No Matter What Other’s May Say

Your Feet Are Now Cankles And You’ve Stretched Your Butt Crack
And The Temper And Tears Have You On The Attack

Your Bladder’s Been Crushed And Bounced On And Kicked
When You Think You Really Have To Pee, You Find You’ve Been Tricked

There Are Feet In Your Ribs And She’s Head-Butting Your Crotch
You Get Light Headed And Dizzy, So Your Blood Sugar Is Watched

You Can’t Sleep At Night And You’re Tired All Day
– All Of This Fun Came From A Quick Roll In The Hay!

But Even As Difficult And Uncomfortable As It’s Been
You’d Never Take It Back- You’d Do It All Again

So Cherish These Moments While She’s Still In Your Belly
Because After She’s Out And All Cleaned From Cottage Cheese And Strawberry Jelly

She’ll Be Loved And Adored Unlike Any Other
And You’ll Have To Share Those Precious Moments With The Rest Of Us- You Mother!

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27 Jun 2008 No Comment 1

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