Embrace Me

Come Closer To Me
Dont Shy Away
For Tomorrow Is Never Promised Today
For Skies Are Not Always So Gray
For Actions Can Be Shown
Without A Word To Say
Come Closer
Let Me Bring You Closer To My Heart
Seek The Beauty But Also The Art
Make It Picteresque
Not Just Lurid And Of Gloom,
Know That You’ll Be
Mine Very Soon
Come Closer
Lean In To Me
Let Me Kiss The
Wet Tears
Dripping Down Your Face
Change That Desideratum
To A Lover’s Haze
I Could Distract You
With My Longing Gaze
Come Closer
Act On Your Desire
How Passionate Ignites
And You Are The Fire
You Are The Flames
That Are Sensually Burning
Im Confessing
That Its You That Im Yearning
Come Closer
Hold Me Close
So Close
That There’s No Room To Grow
Gradually Kiss Places
That Aren’t For Show
Lay Down With Me
Til Our Silhouette Replaces
The Night’s Glow
Come Closer
Come Stronger
Come Deeper
Come Enter
Come Stay With Me
Til Time Has No Clock
Or Digital Watch
Til Forever Is Eternity
Til Last Days
Til Rain Blocks
The Inner Spectrum
Of Daylight
Come To Me…..

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