Ek Parchaavan Hai Jo Menu Apna Lagda Hi Nahi

Ek Parchaavan Hai Jo Menu Apna Lagda Hi Nahi,
Es Parchhaven D Piche Piche Mein Chal Ria Han ,
Bhut Kosishi Kiti Par Oh Rukda Hi Nahi ,

Ese Nu Dekh K Mein Hairan Jea Ho Janda Han ,
Kde Kde Preshan Jea Ho Janda Hain ,
Parchhaven Vicho V Lahoo Jea Risda Dikhda Hai,
Kosish Krda Han K Lahoo Nu Dekh Lvan Hath Laa K ,
Par Chal Penda Hai Mere Age Age Par Jkhm Vikhaun Lae Rukda Hi Nahi,

Meri Is Parchhaven Di Khed Nu Vekh Lok Krde Ne Klolan ,
Par Asi Mst Han Apni Hi Dunia Vich ,
Sada Khel Jive Chan Te Chkor Oh Mukda Hi Nahi

Kosish Krda Han K Is Parchhaven Nu Fd Lavan,
Kde Dil Krda Hai K Is Parchhaven Nal Lad Lvan,
Kde Kol Aa K Khlo Janda Hai Eh Mere ,
Dukh Ki Hai Kde Menu Dsda Hi Nahi ,

Kiti Hai Pkdn Di Kosish Mein Lakh Vaari ,
Pkd Lenda Han Mein Khud Nu Hi ,
Jhoothe Jehe Dilase Ne Dene Dil Nu
Preet Dard Hai Jo Dovan Vichkar Oh Tan Lukda Hi Nahi

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