Ek Nanhi Si Subaha Se

Ek Nanhi Si Subaha Se Ye Kaha Karte Hain
Khush Mizajee Ho Har Pahar Ye Dua Karte Hain

Aaj Har Kaam Aapka Hua Karay Poora
Har Izaafaa Ho Aapka Ye Dua Karte Hain

When Somebody Says The Above Lines,
One Can Respond With The Following Lines

Shukria Aapka Aur Aapke Khayalon Ka
Ek Zarre Ko Jo Nawaza Yoon Khayalon Se

Dar-Asal Dil Jo Aapka Hai Wo To Dariya Hai
Aap Shoharat Ko Milen Aisi Dua Karte Hain

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