Ehde Siwa Kujh Nahi

Na Mukh Maitho Mod Oh Biba,
Teri Diwangi Hi Hai Mere Kol, Ehde Siwa Kujh Nahi,

Tere Naal Beet Jaye Pal Jo Vi,Oh Ho Jaye Waqt Anmol Mera,
Kujh Ku Pal Mere Kol Hor,Ehde Siwa Kujh Nahi,

Tu Rom Rom Ch Vaseya Mere Preetam Ji,
Par Tu Hai Nahi Mere Kol,Dukh Ehde Siwa Kujh Nahi,

Na Jeen Dita Teriyaan Yaadaan Ne, Na Moyaan Sang Hi Hoya Gya,
Bas Dil Dhadke Sahaan Naal, Ehde Siwa Kujh Nahi,

Jis Rahe Tu Turda Ae, Shayad Mera V Ohi Raah Hove,
Ral Jaye Mera Raah Tere Rahaan Nal,Manzil Ehde Siwa Kujh Nahi,

Uss Rabb Ne Meri V Preet Banayi C,Par Bhole Bha Gawayi C,
Zindgi Bhar Eho Malaaal,Ehde Siwa Kujh Nahi,

Kad Din Chad-Da,Kad Shaam Dhale,
Par Meri Kohaan Lambi Raat,Ehde Siwa Kujh Nahi,

Jane Kad Eh Raat Dhale,
Meri Hove Sajjna Naal Parbhaat,Khushi Ehde Siwa Kujh Nahi

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