Duniya Main Sabhi Dhongi Hee Nahi

Duniya Main Sabhi Dhongi Hee Nahi
Sachche Sanyaasii Bhee Mil Jaate Hain

Hain Sagar Main Namak Hee Nahi
Mithe Paani Bhee Mil Jaate Hain

Saath Chhodne Waala Hee Nahii
Achche Pranii Bhii Mil Jaate Hain

Dil Todne Waala Hin Nahii
Sachche Premii Bhii Mil Jaate Hain.

Upkaar Karne Waala Hin Nahi
Kaii Propkaari Bhii Mil Jaate Hain

Raah Bhatkaane Waale Hin Nahii
Guru Gyaani Bhii Mil Jaate Hain

Kooyloon Main Chupa Hira Hin Nahii
Kaii Bimaari Bhii Mill Jaate Hain

Taareefaon Se Upar Chadhne Waale Hin Nahii
Kaii Ghmandii Bhii Mil Jaate Hain

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