Duniya Ke Is Mehal Ki Ik Hai Asaas Larki

Duniya Ke Is Mehal Ki Ik Hai Asaas Larki
Dulhan Ki Shakal Mein Ho Her Dil Kay Paas Hai Larki

Kuch Mujh Ko Zindagi Say Nafrat Su Hogaye Hai
Deikhi Hai Mein Nay Jab Say Vo Udaas Larki

Kall Chand , Mein Nay Teri Kirnon Ka Raaz Paya
Rotey Hoye Dekhi Jo Ik Maho-E-Yaas Larki

Suraj Teri Haqeeqat Pehlu Mein Jaisey Shabb Kay
Angrai Lay Kay Utthey Rangeen Libaas Larki

Hum Bhi Ajeeb Shey Hain A N W A A R Gham Kay Marey
Hum Ko Na Koiu Aaye Dunya Mein Raas Larki

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