Duniya Ke Her Pyaar Ko Daekha

Duniya Ke Her Pyaar Ko Daekha
Pyaar Ke Her Izhaar Ko Daekha

Main Ne Daekhi,To, To, Main,Main
Is Kae Her, Takraar Ko Daekha

Iqraar Bhari, Nazroan Ko Daekha
Nazroan Kae, Inkaar Ko Daekha

Apna Pan, Apnoan Ka Daekha
Dushman Ki Talwaar Ko Daekha

Baewa Ke Her Ghum Ko Daekha
Dulhan Ke ,Singhaar Ko Daekha

Daekha Sona-Pan Nazroan Ka
Ujdae Hovae Ghar Baar Ko Daekha

Ghurbat Ki Takleef Bhi Daekhi
Shaahoan Kae Darbaar Ko Daekha

Ghussa Daekha,Nafrat Daekhi
Is Kae Her Aakaar Ko Daekha

Nazroan Kae Iqraar Ko Daekha
Us Main Chupae Inkaar Ko Daekha

“Raz”Nae Daekha Apna-Pan Bhi
Apnoan Main Aghyaar Ko Daekha

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