Dreamcatcher, Find Me A Dream
One That Makes Me Happy
So Peaceful And Serene
A Dream Of Many Colors
A Tapestry Beyond Compare
I’ll Slowly Close My Eyes
So You Might Take Me There
Dreamcatcher, Search Out My Soul
What Is It Iam Missing
Am I Out In The Cold?
Bring Me A Dream With Love Warm And True
As My Mind Slowly Drifts And I Find My Way To You
Dreamcatcher,I Think I Am There,
Basking In The Limelight
Of The Dreams That You Share
So Much Beauty Passing Before My Eye
This Dream Everlasting A Delightful Surprise
Dreamcatcher, Your Spirit Prevails
And When I Awaken, I’ll Have Glorious Tales
Stories Of Love So Real And So Revealing
You Bring To Me Such A Glorious Feeling
Dreamcatcher,It’s Time For Me
To Enter My Daytime Reality
And While I Will Be There For The Rest Of My Day
I Will Carry You With Me
Till You Take Me Away

by walkb99rhyme

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22 Jul 2008 No Comment

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