Dream Girl

You Come To Me In A Dream
Stepping Out Of The Computer Screen
Those Starry Eyes Gleaming
Warming Up My Heart Racing
Your Face Lightend Up In A Bliss
Those Lips Asking For A Kiss
Oh Yes You Are Mine And Mine And Only To Be Mine

Round And Round We Go
Oh Let The Music Flow
My Girl You Are Mine
Yes Forever You Are Mine
Yeah Till The Sun Dies Catching A Cold
Yeah Till The Moon Explodes In A Fiery Boom
Yes My Girl You Are Mine And Mine And Only To Be Mine

In The Dead Cold Of The Winter
You Bring Me The Smiles From Spring
On The Snow That Covers The Grass
You Wake Up Little Flowers To Sing
This Dainty Head That Rest On My Chest
Looking Up Asking Me To Kiss Your Forehead
My Little Baby Yes You Are Mine And Mine And Only To Be Mine
Yes You Are Mine And Forever And Forever Mine….!

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07 Jul 2008 No Comment 3

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