Down Fall

Manipulation Was His Way
Devouring Weak And Easy Prey
He Allways Brings Temptation In
Whispering To Her Mind Within
Cast Off Your Cares, Cast Off Your Crown
She Could Not Fight It To The Ground
Do It! Do It! He Laughed Wickedly
Not Bothering To Hide His Evil Glee
She Broke Down And Gave In
But The Punishment Did Not End
Look You Fool, What Have You Done?
Now The Guilt Had Just Begun
Repress It, Hide It, Hold It In
None Will Love Her Due To Sin
No Hope For Forgiveness
No Salvation For Thee
He Continued To Taunt Her So Ruthlessly
Burdened With What She Had Done
She Slowly Became So Very Numb
Dying A Little Every Day
She Finally Bent Her Head And Prayed
Oh God Can You Forgive Me?
Yes Child, He Answered Freely

More Shayari by Cherri Oswald
28 Aug 2008 1 Comment

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One Comment

  1. Patty says:


    I have been trying to find a recording of a song I hear about 6 years ago and cannot find it. I believed it was called “Somebody Prayed” – I just haven’t been able to find it. Today, in despiration, I started typing in the words of the song into – and it led me to your site – and to the song/poem you have listed as “So Many Days Went By” Is this the name of the song? Is it yours? Can you guide me to a recording of it because I love it.

    Patty Lisante

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