Dil Tujhe Rona Hai To Jee Bhar K Ro Le

E Dil Tujhe Rona Hai To Jee Bhar K Ro Le
Duniya Se Na Badh Kar Koi Virana Mile Ga

Zanaja Rok Kar Vo Mera Bole
Humne To Gali Boli Thi Tum To Duniya Chod Chale

Sabas Har Koi Poochata Hai Mere Rone Ka
Elahi Sari Duniya Ko Mein Kaise Raazdaan Kar Lu

Mit Chale Meri Umeedon Ki Tarah Aakshar(Words) Magar
Aaz Tak Tere Khaton Se Teri Khushboo Na Gayi

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24 Dec 2007 1 Comment 8

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