Dil Ko Kyaa Khabar Thii Ki Wo Iss Kadar Apne Ho Jaaynge

Dil Ko Kyaa Khabar Thii Ki Wo Iss Kadar Apne Ho Jaaynge
Aa Kar Dil Ke Kareeb Fir Dunia Ki Bheed Mein Kho Jaaynge

Na Socha Thaa Kabhi Ki Humse Judaa Ho Kar
Wo Hume Itne Yaad Aaynge

Tut Kar Bikharna Likha Hai Shayad Kismat Mein
Na Niklegi Dil Se Aah Bikhar Jaaynge

Aankhen Khuli Rahengi Marne Ke Baad Bhee
Shayad Ek Jhalak Dikhlaane Wo Fir Aaynge

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04 Dec 2016 No Comment 13

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