Dil Behal Jaey Tu Log Chor Dete Hain

Dil Behal Jaey Tu Log Chor Dete Hain,
Koi Or Mil Jaey Tu Log Chor Dete Hain,

4 Din Ki Chandani Ka Kya Karna,
Chandani Dhal Jaey Tu Log Chor Dete Hain,

Qasmeen Tu Khaty Hain Sada Sath Deney Ki
Zehan Badal Jay Tu Log Chor Dety Hain,

Aj Kl K Logon Ka Kya Bharosa…!
Mosam Badal Jay Tu Log Chor Dete Hain,

Log “Dosti” Karty Hain Matlab K Liye,
Matlab Nikal Jaye Tu Log Chor Dyte Hain.

More Shayari in Dard Bhari Shayari
23 Mar 2019 No Comment 26

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