Describe The Meaning Of Love

How would you describle LOve?
Love is so beautiful, pure & devine
so uniquely, one of a kind
Love doesnt judge by its race,religion or gender
is very brittle, fragile & thin like ice

Love must be taking care with tenderness
honesty,loyalty & interiority
Love is contagious like a germ
grows deeper,deeper til’ it hits your heart
as you noticed you get the side effects..
butterflies in the tummy,
heart beats faster,faster
your body becomes numb

this love bug got you paralazed..
paralazes you..
where it controls your body, mind & soul.

stuck like glue, got you trapped..
where with that one touch,
one look,
one kiss,

begins to knock you off your feet,
hearts beating faster
&& has you realize that you are taking each
and, every piece of clothing with your eyes..
{{{ endless & magical love }}}

Love is like a seed grows into a blooming beautiful flower.
that shines so brightly beneath the ray of sunlight
But, when the germ fades away
BOY, it sure does stab you like a knife & sting you like a bee

by croatiandiva

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13 Nov 2021 No Comment 6

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