Whenever I Would Feel This Low
And I Felt I Had No Place To Go
The One Thing That I Did Know
Was That You Were Always An Exception
But Now That Theres Deception
That Wouldn’t Be A Wise Suggestion

Whenever I Would Feel This Little
And This Weak
You Would Always Be The One To Be There For Me
You Would Always Make Me Believe
That Things Would Get Better
And Remind Me That They Wouldn’t Be That Way Forever
That It Was Okay
Cause You And I Were Still Together

And Now When I’m Feeling Low
And All Feelings Of No Hope
Won’t Go
I Don’t Know
That Your Arms Is In Exception
Cause I Was Deceptin
So That Wouldn’t Be One’s Suggestion

And Now That I Feel Littler Than Dirt
And All Of This Hurt
Is Eatin Me Away
I Don’t Know That Things Will Be Okay
Because I Don’t Have You Anymore
So These Feelings Can’t Go Away
Because You Did
And I Lost My Enthusiasm To Live
Becuase Energy Is What I Felt You Could Give
And It Is
And Now That Yu Are Gone
I Sit Here Are Repeat Celine Dione
‘My Heart Will Go On’
The Difference Between Her And I Is That I Won’t
I Can’t
Not By Any Chance
Becasue Theres No More We
And Made Me Be
All That I Didn’t Want To Be
Just You With Me
Was All I Really Needed
And Now That Yu Aren’t
My Life Should Be Deleted

More Shayari by Shilesha Johnson
09 Nov 2016 No Comment 2

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