Our Neighbours;
They Do Not Exist Nearby
They Are Far Apart
Like Our Apartments.

Our Possessions;
They No Longer Need Us
We Badly Need Them
Like Sex And Sin.

Ours Is A New Happiness;
It Is Always Dichotomous.
We Happen To Be Happy
But We Don’t Know How.

Our Successes;
Their Colour Is Green.
But We Find Our Face Gray
When Someone Goes Green.

Our Greatest Goal;
It’s To Somehow Make And Mar.
Make Just To Our Sake
And Mar Whatever Is Others’

For Us, Our Well Being;
It Is The State Of Being Better.
A Little Better Than The One
Who Is Staying Next Door.

And Finally Our Faith;
It’s Not Of Gods Or Like Gods’
We Know Better Than Gods
That Our Wealth’ll Open The Gate.

More Shayari by A. Jayaprakash Panicker
    27 Jun 2008 1 Comment 2

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      this site is really interesting and i like it very much.

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