Death By Fire And Water

Lighting Streaks Across The Sky Striking At The Darkness
Thunder Roars And Bellows Out In Anger
No Sound Is Heard But The Pelting Of The Rain Taunting Her At The Windows.
Shadows Dance Eerily In In The Flicker Of Pale Candle Light.
One Single Tear Slips From Her Eyes Betraying Her Calm Appearance
Large Hopeless Eyes Stare Into The Night, So Hopeless, So Alone
Her Flower Had Wilted And Drooped From Her Hair
Death Allways Surrounded
Waves Rose Dangerously In Wicked Fury, And Boards Groaned In Protest.
No Scream Passed Her Lips When She Heard The Dark Angel Call Her
A Single Tear Dripping To The Floor Below Her
Rocking And Leaning She Falls To The Floor Numb To The Blood That Was Showing
Hudling In The Corner Her Lips At Once Parted
Fire Illuminated The Room And Was Aglow As It Grew And Lapped At The Wood Greedily
The Swirl Of The Sea Raged And The Wind Hissed A Horrible Warning
No Where To Run She Stood At Once And Squared Her Slender Shoulders
Lifting Her Chin As Her Gown Started Burning
A Single Tear Evaporated Into The Fire As It Grew Hotter And Hotter
A Strange Lafter Accosted Her Ear Not Realizing It Was Her Own
Mayhap She Had Never Known
Her Fear Completely Engulfed Her

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28 Aug 2008 No Comment

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