Days Are So Long

Roses Are Red,
Violets Are Blue..
Still Countin’ Duh Days
Till Ii Finally See Yooh!!

Days Are So Long,
Time Is So Slow,
Yet My Feelings Fer Yooh,
Ii Can’t Let Go..

Pencil In Maii Hand,
Memories On Maii Mind..
My Love Fer Yooh Is
Wat Ii Can’t Leave Behind..

Earphones In Maii Ear,
Listenin’ Tah Slow Songs,
Ii Promise Yooh, Tah Yooh
My Heart Belongs..

Dyin’ Tah See Yooh Wun More Tyme,
Wishin’ Ii Was Dea Next Tah Yooh..
But Before Ii End This Poem.
Jes Kno’ Dat Ii Really Miss Yooh!!

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    24 Jan 2017 No Comment 3

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