Jaan Teri Yaad Mujhe Kyun Itna Tadpaye
Bhulna Chahun Tujh Ko Par Dil Bhula Na Paye

Jaan Teri Yaad Mujhe Kyun Itna Tadpaye
Wafa Hi Khata Thi Mazburi Thi Sazaa Meri

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Kayi Khwab-O-Armaan Dil Mein Mukaam Paane Ko Taras Gaye,
Hum Zamane Ko Sudhaarne Kaa Ekk Kaam Paane Ko Taras Gaye,

Hum Hii Mein Kuch Kami Thi,Jo Pyaar Karke Bhii Naa Kar Paye,
Aisa Aghaaz-E-Ishq Hua Kii Anjaam Paane Ko Taras Gaye,

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If You Can Dream,
Why Don’t You Dream
For A Good Family
Who Can Stay With Us
In Our Peaceful Home.

If You Can Dream,
Why Don’t You Dream
For A Sweet Song
Which Fills In Every One’s Heart
The Joy To Share With People.

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Ultimate Click Of Water 3D Button Art On A Building Kutta Ho To Aisa Shadow Installations By Rashad Alakbarov Ye To Gaya Aaj Iron Man’s Iron Cats Making A Love Heart With Tails Priceless Ring Ab Kon Chalana Chahega Car Ya Bike? Believe It Or Not But Its An Oil Painting

Without Ringing
I Pick Up The Phone
Knowing It’s You
Whether You
Called Or Not
It’s Never A Surprise
When I Step
Out Into My Imagination
I See You
In All My Dreams
Who Are You?
The Picture
That Lies Near To Me
Or Do I See
You Clearly
All The Things
I Think Of
You Are
Like A Superstar
With Fame
A Voice With No Name
Who Are You?
Never Touched
The Face
Of My Prince
But I Still See Him As Royalty
I Envision Different
Forms And Shapes
And Dreams
Such Dreams
Of You
And I
Finally Spending
A Moment
But With You
It Feels Like Forever
Are You Smiling Now?
Or Is It
Just Something
I Am Visualizing

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Jo Hum Na Rahe To Na Hogi Shikaayat
Na Koi Gile Fir Na Koi Sharaarat

Bahaare Bhi Phir Tumko Patjhad Lagengi
Chaman Mein Bhi Fir Tumko Gul Na Dikhenge

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Unn Ko Shikwa Hai Kai Hijjer Mai Kiyoo Tarpaya Saari Raat
Jin Ki Khaatir Raat Loota Di – Chain Na Paya Saari Raat

Unn Kai Andeshon Mai Dil Nai Kaisey Kaisey Ghabra Kai
Seeney Kai Deewar-O-Darr Sai Ser Takraya Saari Raat

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