It’s late at night and I can’t fall asleep
I’m thinking of you and how did we meet
After spending five year suffering from lies and deceit
You walked into my life to save me in a way so discreet

I noticed you from the moment I saw your eyes
My heart urged me to talk to you but my mind decided otherwise
Two years have past since, I said goodbye to my sad cries
For now you know how I truly feel about your sleepy eyes

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And you roam from a room to an other
dressing only your nudity
and I, confused,
in a corner,
I praise each
pore of your cute skin
your impetuous being
Radiant menina
persist your furtive image
consuming my heart
dive then your sweet body
into my turbulent Zen
stay in my arms
put there your faith

Y te paseas de una habitación a otra
vistiendo sólo tu desnudez
Y yo, aturdido, en una esquina,
elogio cada poro
de tu adorable piel
tu impetuoso ser

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Kuch Tamche Shesh Chaku Ho Gaye
Yaar Mere Sab Halaku Ho Gaye

Ve Election Mein Jo Haare Her Dafa
Kheejkar Chambal Ke Daku Ho Gaye

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Tau Ji Ko Kya Ho Gaya Awesome Hanuman Sand Art Closeup On Beautiful Purple Lips She Hurts And She Cries Angry Bird In The Bowl Baba Ram Dev Ne Bola Hai Ise Kahte Hai Toofani Karna Meanwhile In India – Wheeling Truck Get Up Dady, It’s Morning Now Havanese Silk Dog Smiling In Field

Zindagi Thehar Si Gayi Hai Tumhare Bina,
Shabad Shayari Ke Milte Nahi Tumhare Bina,

Dil Dhadhkta Hai, Lekin Us Dhadhkan Mein Aavaz Nahi Tumhare Bina,
Chaman Mein To Khile Hai Phool, Magar Phoolo Mein Mahek Nahi Tumhare Bina,

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Kabhie Jab Uskee Bahut Yaad Aati Hai,
Tab Dil Kee Dhadkan Ruk See Jaati Hai,

Aankhen Shunay Mein Niharne Lagti Hai,
Aur Uskee Tasveer Saamne Aa Jaati Hai,

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Hum Apne Mukadar Pe Ro Naa Sake
Aur Woh Kabhi Mere Ho Naa Sake

Ek Shikayaat Rehti Hai Humko
Hum Apni Hi Maut Pe Ro Naa Sake

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