Auron Ko Bhi Dil Me Jagah Di Hume Hi Paraya Rakha
Mere Humdum Humne Is Sach Ko Aaj Bhi Paraya Rakha

Meri Mohabbat Me Vafa Ke Siva Kuch Nahi
Tumse Hi Humne Gul’e’vafa’e’khushbu Ko Taaza Rakha

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Zehan Ke Samandar Mein Lekhak
Jab Doobta Hai Toh Uski Kalam

Patwaar Ban Kar Khud-B-Khud Chalne Lagti Hai
Aur Lehron Ki Tarah Shabdon Se Shabd Milkar

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Since You Only Judge Me For My Lack Of Success
No Mister You I Am Not Out To Impress
We Look At Life One Might Say Quite Differently
And On What Constitutes Success You And I Don’t Agree
The People With Heaps Of Money To You Matter Most
To These Sort Of People You Do Drink Your Toast
For Human Compassion You Never Allow
To Publicly Proclaimed High Achievers You Have Chosen To Bow
On Life You Have Your Own Ideas And That Suits Me Fine
And Your Sense Of Values Are Different To Mine
And You Air Your Opinions And That’s A Good Thing
But ‘Tis Not Of Your Heroes That I Wish To Sing
We Look At Life One Could Say Quite Differently
And So Little In Common Between You And Me.

Francis Duggan

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Real Faces Now Tell Me Who is The Daddy This Dog Knows How To Charm The Bitches. Amazing Creativity With Apple Cutting Bread Shoes Looking Delicious Aaj To Tujhe Pakad Hi Lunga Invisible Reflection Photograph By Laura Williams We Copied Doggy Style,They Copied Our Three Some Paint Me Today Ladybug Riding on Dandelion

Hazarou Phoolo Mai,
Hamain Ek Phool Bahut Khub Laga

Es Phool Ku Pane Ke Leya,
Hum Ne Dosti Ka Sath Liya

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Apne Paas Bulaati Raat Me Dhalti Hui Kisi Shaam Me
Thode Se Toote  Thore Se Haare Kadmon Ko Badaate Hue

Apne Ghaunsle Me Laut-Tai Pakshion Ke Shor Ke Beech.
Sooni Raahon Par Door Se Aati Kuch Halki Awaazon Ko Sunte Hue

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Zakhm Nahin Koi Kahin Phir Bhi
Dil Ka Dard Nazar Na Ayaa

Badi Udaas Ho Gayii Hai Zindgi Meri
Par Ab Tum Mujhe Kya Gham Doge

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Funny Veg Jokes

All In One Essay By Pappu
Professor To Students: "I Want You To Write An Essay With The Following Elements: 1. Religion 2. Royalty 3. Sex

Ajeeb Faisla Hai
Do Saheliya Aapas Mein Baatein Kar Rahi Thi Pahli Saheli: "Maine Faisla Kar Liya Hai Jab Tak 25 Saal Ki Nahi Ho Jati

This Is Called Honesty
A Married Man's Honest Confession: "I Always Read My Wife's Horoscope To See What Kind Of Day I Am Going To Have."

Aap Bhi Nervous Hue Thhe?
Pehli Baar Insaan Jab Dalta Hai To Nervous Hota Hai, Ahista Se Dalo To Phisal Ke Poora Ander Chala Jata Hai, Phir

If Not Intelligent, Be Smart
In Viva, Lecturer: "Shall I Ask You Ten Easy Questions Or One Tough One? Student: "Ask Me Tough One" Lecturer: "Wh

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