My Heart Is So Heavy
And Tattered And Torn
Within My Soul There Is..
Many A Thorn

Doing My Best You See
Will Never Be Good Enough For Thee
Maybe I Should Go To Rest
This I Think Will Be The Very Best

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Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming Gee
But Its Grand
Im In Love With An Ostrich All The Neighbors
Complain Ya See
But She Loves Me Cant Help It If You Dont
Understand It
Its Fun To Be In Love With An Ostrich And If You
Havnt Tried It Dont Deny
Cause Its So Much Fun To Go Out In The Sun Forget
The Rest Of The World
With Your Head In The Sand
Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming
Gee But Its Grand
Walking Down The Street With My Ostrich All The
People Stare But I Dont Care What Htey Say
She Never Says A Word Shes An Agreeable
Bird She Takes My Worrys Away
So If You Find Somebody Who Loves You
And Ur Firends Are All Complain There Not
Friends Ne Way
Just Go Out In The Sun Cause Its So Much
Fun Forget The Rest Of The World
Put Your Heads In The Sand
Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming Gee But Its Grand
Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming Gee But Its Grand
Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming Gee But Its Grand
Day Dreaming Heads In The Sand Day Dreaming Gee But Its Grand

Ariah Nelson

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Jaanu’ Kab Tak Hum Youn Sochte Rahenge
Zindagi Ke Saare Sapne Adhure Rahenge

Aao Thaam Lo Preet Ki Dori Kuch Is Tarah
Sukh Dukh Jeevan Ke Milkar Sahenge

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Painting Of Himself Painting Himself Mil Bant Ke Khana To Koi Inse Sikhe Beautiful Super Mario Wedding Cake This Dog Knows How To Charm The Bitches. Not Today – Once In A Lifetime Shot Art Of Nature A Baby Turtle Born WIth Two Heads Magic Floating Tap Say No To Smoking – The Difference Is Clear Cat Is Crying For Her Meal

Aankhon Se Aansu Jaise Angarey
Dhoke Apne Hee Diya Karte Hain

Haath Chut’ta Hain To Koyi Baat Nahi
Rishton Mein Bhee Kya Kisi Ko Ilzaab Diya Kartey Hain?

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Bante Jaa Rahe Hain Wo,
Begaano Ki Tarah.

Baatein Kijiye Humse Kuch,
Apno Ki Tarah.

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Na-Umeedi Ke Katgharo Me Khud Ko Khara Paati Hu
Log Daraate Hai Mujhe Aur Me Dare Jaati Hu…

Ashko Ki Syahi Se Bhi Dard Syah Hota Hi Nahi..
Labo Pe Aahe.N Thirakti Hai Aur Mutaa’ssif Ho Jaati Hu..

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Kitne Haseen Chaand Naqaabon Mein Band Hain
In Ke Khatoot Meri Kitabon Mein Band Hain

Aye Baagbaa Khuda Ke Liye Tuu Rihayi De
Khusbu Ke Kafle To Gulabon Mein Band Hain

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Jalte Hue Aab Mein Apni Taqdeer Ko Dhoya Karoge
Mita Ke Bhi Na Mita Paoo Ge Jo Dhaag Duniya Walon Ne Diya Hai

Jo Fasanah Tumney Meri Zindagi Per Likha
Wohi Tera Sab Se Bardha Jurm Ban Gaiya Hai

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A Seed Was Planted In My Core
It Grew And Lived And Spread Out More
It Spread Out Roots And Grabbed The Earth
It Grew Taller And Bigger In Girth
Deeper And Deeper It Cemented Its Feel
Because Of That, I Know It’s Real
For Just Like Nature, It Starts Off Small
And Its Growth Will Never Stall
For It Is Agapie I Feel And It Humbles Me
Knowing This Feeling Is Rare In This Century
I Shall Never Take For Granted
This Feeling That You Planted
It Fills My Heart In Every Way
And Grows Stronger With Each Passing Day
But Unlike Nature This Shall Never Cease
Only Moments Of Passionate Release
And Then A Rebuild Up Of Desires Starts
In Our Bodies, Minds And Hearts

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This Is The Last Day
For Me Putting Up With Crap
I’ve Listened Long Enough
This Is The Same Ole Rap.

Everything Is Someone Elses Fault
Nobody Is Any Good
No One Seems To Keep Their Word
Pretending To Live Like They Should.

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Funny Veg Jokes

Hum Sardaro Ko Koi Cheez Nahi Bechte
Santa Tv Kharidne Ek Dukan Pe Gaya Aur Dukandaar Se Bola Santa: "Ye Tv Kitne Ka Hai?" Dukandaar: "Hum Sardaro Ko K

Janwaro Se Tamij Se Baat Karo
Santa Was Walking On The Road. Suddenly A Crow Shits On Santa And Fly Away, Santa Shouts: "Saale Chaddi Nahi Pehnt

Jaan Le Lo Awww Ki
Guys Reaction On Different Comments: Nice Dp - Thanxx :) I Love U - I Love U Too :* I Like U - I Don't Know ;) I M

Remake Of The Classic English Film
Santa, The Film Producer, Planned A Remake Of The Classic English Film, "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" In Hindi.

Bhagwan Ka Naam Sada Yaad Rakho
Ek Bar Ek Kashti Tufan Mein Phas Gayi. Captain Zor Se Bola: "Kisi Ko Toofan Se Bachne Ki Dua Yaad Hai?" El Molvi A

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