Its Flame Illuminating
Promises Showered Never To Let It Diminish
It Is Something Beyond Humans Unable To Extinguish
Life Is Just A Shadow Of That Flame That Burns Inside
A Magic Engulfed The Atmosphere
It Was Commitment Made
A Act Of Fate
A Force Divine
Beaming Sparks Enlightened The Souls
Effervescent Fireworks Brightened
The Nights Dark Folds
The Inner World Sparkled But No One Felt The Pain
The Magic Grew With Time
All Was Not In Vain
Unable To Contain This Magic Or Truth Disclose
Life Sparkled Like Dew Drops On A Rose
The Flame Is Weak
Relighting A Dying Flame
But Not Yet Dead
Feeling Lifeless Today
Looking At The World Without Being Able To Smile
Life Is Life
Tommorrow And The Next Day
Knowing Well To Burn Out This Flame Would Mean Death
Walking The Tight Rope Cautiously Towards Reality

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Lakhva Bethi Choon Kavita Pan Shabd Jadto Nathi
Bethi Choon Prem Ni Rah Par Pan Marag Jadto Nathi

Hoon Karoon Prem Tane E Koine Pasand Nathi
Hoon Maloon Roj Tane E Koine Pasand Nathi

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Kisi Ki Aankho Me Mat Dekhna
Ye Kabhi Kabhi Dhoka Deti Hai

Kisi Ki Aankho Me Mat Dekhna
Ye Khushiyo Me Bhi Aansu Deti Hai

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What Is A Safe Sex? Symbol Of Love – Wah Taj Wah Female Hulk In India Zombie Bottle Opener Do You See Anything Up There Oh My God Where Is My Mouth? Don’t Cut Me Please Brave Cat – Beat The Fear Can You Read This In First Attempt Mousepad For Boys

Yoon To Socha Na Tha Tujhse
Ye Chaahat Itnee Barh Jaaegi
Ke Tu Sirf Nigaahon Hi Nahi
Dil Me Bhi Utar Jaaegi

Mai Abtak Apni Mulaakaaton Ko
Bas Nazdeekiyaan Hi Samajhta Raha
Na Jaane Kab Ye Nazdeekiyaan
Meri Jaroorat Me Badal Gai

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I’m Just Your Average Girl,
Trying To Make It By In Life.
I’m Not Perfect,
But I’m As Close As I Can Be.

I Make Mistakes,
I Stuff Up Like Everyone Else.
Yet You Want Me,
To Be Perfect.

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Mara Ek Swapna Ni Kamaal Kari,
Dheere Thi Tamara Dil Ma Dhamal Kari,
Pan Jyare Tame Mane Na Kahi,
Thambhi Gayi Hati Mari Ghadi,

Ankh Jyare Jo Bandh Kari,
Ansoo No Boond Emathi Sarri,
Tame To Saraltathi Na Kari,
Pan Amare Mann Sanbhalavi Mushkel Padi,

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