Kabhi To Lamha-E-Khushi Dikhaya Hota
Kabb Takk Yaar Tere Gumon Pe Roye Hum

Ekk Asirii Neend Mein So Jaane Do Hume
Kabb Takk Tere Pehlu Mein Aa, Soye Hum

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Mayusi Ka Mausam Zindagi Mein Kuch Is Tara Se Cha Gaya
Ke Dil Mein Chupa Maut Ka Arman Woh Jaga Gaya

Kushiyon Ko Ruksat Kiya Humne Ansoon Ki Doli Mein
Kamoshi Aur Tanhyi Jaise Saathioyn Se Woh Mila Gaya

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Laying Back In In The Grass

Watching Birds Fly Past

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Awesome Hair Style Of A Girl Life Is A One Time Offer Funny Pictire Of 404 Not Found Eye Or A Sink? Sexy Sexy Sexy Mujhe Log Bole Marvelous Tractor Wood Art Mind Blowing Illusion – Which Side Is Up Ultimate Sand Artwork I Have Ever Seen Awesome Ganesha Food Art Fish Face Photograph by Nick Kelly

Kaam Ab Koii Na Aayegaa Bas Ik Dil Ke Sivaa
Raaste Band Hain Sab Kuuchaa-E-Qaatil Ke Sivaa

Baa_is-E-Rashq Hai Tanhaaravii-E-Rah_rau-E-Shauq
Ham_safar Ko_ii Nahiin Duurii-E-Manzil Ke Sivaa

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Chhoone Bhar Se Hi Jo Jalaa De,
Use Aag Kehate Hain.
Paate Hi Jo Khud Ko Bhulaa De,
Use Sharaab Kehate Hain.

Dekhte Hi Jo Hosh Uda De ,
Use Shabaab Kehate Hain.
Kisi Kaa Yaar Roothh Jaaye,
Use Bad-Naseeb Kehate Hain.

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The Education I Discovered From Loved Ones Gone Home…
The Friendship And Bond
The Phone Calls And Meetings Of Recollection And Meaning
The Spirit Of Unity

Togetherness Tranquillity
The Fun And The Fame Of Our Times And Secrets That Remain
The Troubles And Strife’s That Became Humor In Life
The Hug And The Hold Of Arms With More Value Than Gold

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Funny Veg Jokes

Babu Ganeshan?
A Telugu Guy Calls Her Girl Friend For A Dinner Treat Guy: "Do You Want To Go Out For Dinner" Girl Happily: "Yeah

Suna Hai Kabhi Ye Nepali Anthem
Nepali Anthem: Suno Gor Se India Walo Chahe Jitne Mahal Banalo, Uske Aage Garden Banalo, Uske Aage Gate Lagalo,

Criteria For Life Partner
Male Criteria For Life Partner: "They Expect Their Women To Look Like Miss Universe & Work Like Massi" And Fem

Reality Of Human Society
Reality Of Human Society Cigarettes, Lighters, And Matchboxes, Have Connected More People Than "Nokia" Has.

Miss or Mrs
Dr: "Mrs Rani, Good News For You" Girl: "What Do You Mean By Mrs Rani? I Am Miss Rani" Dr: "Oh! Am Sorry Miss Rani

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