Kal Agar Main Mar Bhi Jau
A Dost Mere Marne Ka Gum Na Karna

Aansoon Bhi Na Bahana
Meri Arthi Bhi Mat Uthana

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Ajib Saanehaa Mujh Par Guzar Gayaa Yaaro
Main Apane Saaye Se Kal Raat Dar Gayaa Yaaro

Har Ek Naqsh Tamannaa Kaa Ho Gayaa Dhundhalaa
Har Ek Zakm Mere Dil Kaa Bhar Gayaa Yaaro

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Tu Ne Jo Zakham Diya Hai Usse Mehkate Hoon
Harf-Ba-Harf Teri Baat Ko Dohraatee Hoon

Sochtee Hoon Keh Asoolon Se Baghaawat Kar Loon
Apne Bachon Ki Jo Aaankhon Mein Nammi Paatee Hoon

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Mr. Bean Turned Into A Lady Different Settings of Boys N Girls Baba Ram Dev Ne Bola Hai Dirty Mind, Please Calm Down Vegetable Face By Alex J. Jefferies Little Pooh Is Resting In Luch Box Ab To Khul Ja Oooii Maaaaa, Ye Kya Hai? How To Prevent Rape In Easy Way Fork You ….

Khudaya Mila De Mujhko Tu Usse Ek Baar
Tham Jaye Ye Shaikayto Ka Silsila Ek Baar

Dekh Lun Usko Jee Bhar Ke Ek Baar
Kar Lu Apne Dil Ke Her Baat Usse Ek Baar

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Ham Ko Yaan Dar Dar Phiraayaa Yaar Ne
Laamakaan Mein Ghar Banaayaa Yaar Ne

Aap Apane Dekhane Ke Vaaste
Ham Ko Aaiinaa Banaayaa Yaar Ne

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There You Were Thinking That They Understood You,
When Really, They Were Only Doing Their Job.
But When You Really Think Of It, They Only Torture You,
Then You Shake It Off And Turn To God.
You Often Ask Him Questions That Start With ‘Why’ And End With ‘Me’,
On The Verge Of Tears You Often Are, You Somehow Pass It Off As Anger.
For Your Only Fear Is That They Will See What Is Really Beneath,
You Keep It Inside, Although You Want To Cry And Put It Down On Paper.
Always You Say That Tomorrow May Be Different For It Is Another Day,
For It Is, Yet The Same Problems And More Welcome You With An Embrace.
It Seems That Nothing You Do Or Say Makes Any Of It Okay,
When You Think Of It As Much As You Do, It Is Never A Suprise When Tears Roll Off Your Face.
A Feeling So Strong Overpowers You In This State,
Unbearable And Hard To Push Away Or To Deny.
As It Settles Inside Of You All That Is Left To Do Is Accept And To Pray,
But With A Pain As Strong As This, Basically You Want To Die.
You Feel As If You Are A Mistake,
They Make You Feel Inferior.
You Smile At Them As Your Heart Breaks,
Then You Wish That This Would Soon Be Over.
Never Born, Different Parents, Invincible Are Just Some Of My Thoughts,
With A Life Like This, It Is Nothing New.
Sometimes I Wish My Pain Could Be Broken Like Dishes,
Then Again It Won’t Be Much Longer Again That I’ll Be In Deaths’ Que.

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Funny Veg Jokes

Aajkal Ke Bikhari
Santa Road Par Chal Raha Tha Raaste Mein Use Ek Bhikhari Mila. Bhikhari: "Aye Bhai Ek Rupaya De De, Teen Din Se Bhukh

Ladko Pe Vishwas Kara Hi Nahi Ja Sakta
Greatest Insult Of Boys In Zoology Lab. A Student Complaind: "Sir, Mera Mendak Pregnant Hai" Sir Replied Angrily:

Importance Of Thumb
Importance Of Thumb Babies Use It For Chewing. Illiterate People Use It For Sign. Winners Use It For Victory.

Awesome Advice For Boys
Awesome Advice For Boys "Love Your Friends Not Their Sisters" And "Love Your Sisters Not Their Friends."

Bahut Ajeeb Beemari Hai Is Ladki Ko
Ek Bahut Hi Khubsoorat Ladki Doctor Ke Paas Gayi Aur Boli Ladki: "Doctor Sahab Mere Ko Ajeeb Si Beemari Hai" Docto

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