He was the young dad of the sixties he is the old man of today
Married and divorced for the third time that’s life as some are known to say
He is seven times a great grandfather one might say his flock multiply
And he is not yet finished with women he says he will give marriage at least one more try,
He is now with one twenty years younger a divorcees of forty one
At the wooing of far younger women he surely is second to none
Some women like their men much older for the father figure they do fall
When it comes to understanding people I know that I know little at all
He was sixty one on his last birthday with brown hair dye he covers his gray
And when it comes to dress and appearance attention to detail he pay
one might say a man for the ladies at wooing them he has known success
His chat up lines seem to be flawless all of the right buttons he seems to press
Yes surely a man for the ladies younger women fall for him in a big way
Yet in love he likes a new challenge and with one he does not seem to stay.

Francis Duggan

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Iyun To Main Kabhi Rota Nahi
Par Tum Ne Rula Diya

Mere Pyaar Ka Yeh, Kaisa Silla Diya
Dil Ke Ujale Ne Hi Dil Ko, Jala Diya

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Chalo Mana, Usse Dil Say Tum Hatta Nahi Saktay
Kya Usse Paas Bhi Apne Bula Nahi Sakte.

Tum Hi Suna Do Isse, Yeh Khabar Bhi Saheb
Jalte Howey Dil Ko Ham Aur Jala Nahi Sakte.

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Mousepad For Boys Banana Phone Mind Blowing Illusion Indian Team – Sare Ke Sare Tharki Hai Awesome Pic Of Water Punch Who Wants To Walk To Sky Lovely Appeal of a Girl Jai Daaru Maharaj Cute Baby Owl in Hand Bread Shoes Looking Delicious

Hai Kaun Jo Hovega Mere Jeha,
Koi Nahi Badnaseeb Ethe Mere Jeha.

Ikk Hans Aya C Mere Man Di Jheel Ch,
Udd Gya Keh Ke ,”Koi Nahi Hai Banjar Tere Jeha”

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Tamanna Tham Si Jaati Hai
Tamanna Tham Si Jaati Hai

Tere Nazar Aane Ke Baad
Halat Dil Ki Dil Hi Jaane

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Pyar Me Dhire-Dhire Jalna Acha Lagta  Hai
Khood He Kahna ,Khood He Sunna Acha Lagta  Hai

Kuch Bhi Khas Nahi Hay Mujhma Fir Bhi Jane Kyo
Bhid Sa Hatker Tanha Chalna Acha Lagta Hai

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