Marriage Is A Wondrous Thing, At Times It Makes Your Heart Sing
Marriage Is A Tedious Thing; It Makes You Want To Complain
Marriage Is Fun For One, So Play All You Want. It Might Make You Giggle
Marriage Is Work You Know, So Go Get Your Hammer And Chisel
Marriage Can Mend The Wrongs And Make You So Strong. So Where Is Your Thread And Needle
Marriage Can Tear Your Heart Into When You Do Not See Its Value
Marriage Can Give You A Friend If You Take An Interest In, So What Are You Both Into?
Marriage Can Make Enemies Quick, So What Will You Pick, Better Choose Your Weapons Carefully.
Marriage Is For Life At Best, Because It Lasts Till Death. So Which Way Do You Want This To Go

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Tanhaai Kaa Snaata Dekh Ghabraa Kei Rah Jate Hain Ham
Tera Har Gum Teri Hi Khatir Has Kei Sah Jaate Hain Ham

Karma To Chaahte Hain Ham Ab Tujhse Bagabat Ye Waqt
Lekin Tere Hi Haathoin Ye Waqt Majboor Ho Jate Hai Ham

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Woh Dard Ki Dukan Woh Dard Bechte Hain
Humko Khushi Se Pyar Hum Unke Dard Khareedte Hain

Woh Aasuo Se Bhari Aakhe Woh Har Baat Pe Ro Dena
Meri Fitrat Muskarana kyu Hum Bhi Sath Unke Rote Hain

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Faces Are Everywhere Awesome Hair Style Of A Girl Ladybug Riding on Dandelion Awesome Click Of Birds Naughty Blowing Bubbles This Is A Drawing Done In Pencil, Not A Photo. Awesome Creative Illusion Of Flowers And Girl Believe It Or Not But This Is A Painting Omg Somebody Save Me Toilet Shaddow Art

Aag Lehra Kay Chali Hay Isse Aanchal Kar Do
Tum Mujhe Raat Ka Jalta Hua Jungle Kar Do

Chaand Sa Misra,A(Line Of Poem)akela Hay Mere Kaaghaz Par
Chaht(Roof) Par Aa Jao Mera Shair Mukammal Kar Do

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Jism Se Rooh Kee Reh-Guzar Hai Ye Ishq
Maut Se Maut Kee Ek Dagar Hai Ye Ishq

Ye Duniya Ye Rasme Nazar Nahi Aate
Neend Se Neend Kaa Ek Safar Hai Ye Ishq

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Zindagii Ek Kiraaye Kaa Ghar Hai
Ek Na Ek Din Badalanaa Padegaa

Maut Jab Ham Ko Aavaaz Degii
Ghar Se Baahar Nikalanaa Padegaa

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Funny Veg Jokes

A True Birthday Gift
Me: "Hello, Is This The Police?" Police: "Yes, What Do You Want?" Me: "I'm Calling To Report About My Neighbor Bil

Arey Ye Bevkoofi Mat Kar
Ek Aadmi Apne Ghar Par Movie Dekh Raha Tha To, Aadmi Ek Dam Se Chillaya: "Nooooooooooooo, Ruk Jaaaaaaaaooo, Ghode Se

Waah Ri Biwi, Tu To Kamaal Nikli
After 7 Days Of Marriage Husband Goes To Job & After Few Hours Husband Calls His Wife Husband With Doubtful Voice

Allah Ki Rehmat
Ek Bar Ek Aadmi Hakim Ke Paas Jaake Bolta Hai: Aadmi: "Mujhe Ajeeb Si Bimari Ho Gayi Hai. Jab Bhi Meri Biwi Kuch Bolt

Why Did You Ask If I Am A Santa?
In London, A Customer Asked: "Do You Have Mustard Oil?" The Shopkeeper Says: "Are You Santa Singh?" The Guy, Clear

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