Pata Nahi Aaj Kal Saase Rukh Rukh Ke Aati Hai,
Rukthi Hai Jab Yeh Saas Toh Yaad Teri Aati Hai.

Yaad Badti Hai Teri Jis Pal
Badti Hai Meri Mohabbat Uus Pal.

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Jaroor Koi Batt Hai Kay Hum Aaj Itna Udhas Hai
Ankhay Yeh Batha Rahee Hai Kay Hum Udas Hai

Jaroor Koi Batt Hai Kay Hum Udhas Hai
Itnay Soach Mein Tho Hum Kabhi Ne Thay

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Na Izzat Ki Chinta, Na Fikr Koi Apmaan Ki
Jai Bolo Beimaan Ki, Jai Bolo Beimaan Ki

Beimaan Ke Bina Gaye Hote Akshaar Chaar
“B”-Badkaari,”E”-Irsha, “M”-Se Bane Makkar
“N”Se Bane Namak Haraam, Samjho Ho Gaye Pure Chaar
Chaar Gunaah Mil Jaaye To Hota Baieemaan Tayeyaar
Are Usse Aankh Milaye Kya, Himmat Hai Shaitaan Ki
Bhola Mukhda, Ujle Kapde Mann Hai Kala Kala
Jiski Daya Se Mandir Chalte Aabad Shivala
Is Mandir Mein Puja Karta , Deepak Jala Jalakar
Andaar Bhagwaan Ki Jai Ho Bahaar Bhagwaan Ki
Jai Bolo Beimaan Ki, Jai Bolo Beimaan Ki

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Stairs To Heaven Escape Into Reality – Sculpture By Michal Trpak This Is Indian Police – Ready To Save Our Lives A Cute Christmas Wish From These Two Amazing Indian Girl Painting Awesome Wax Art By Ferdi Rizkiyanto Cute Little Devil Aa Dekhe Kismein Kitna Hai Dum How To Cut Your Hair In The 21st Century Cool But Scary Hairstyle

Saari Basti Mein Ye Jaadu Nazar Aaye Mujh ko
Jo Daricha Bhi Khule Tu Nazar Aaye Mujh ko,

Sadiyon Ka Ras Jaga Hai Meri Raaton Mein,
Ek Haseen Shaks Ki Yaad Aaye Mujh Ko,

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I Want To Grey.
I Want It Known I Have Aged,
And Earned My Way.
I Want It Clear I Am No Child.
I Have Been Around For A While!
Learning And Hoping I Am Improved.
Those Who Wish To Sit And Revisit Their Youth…
Are Fine With Me.
I Do That All The Time Myself.
When I Am Out Walking And Hiking.
Exercising And Watching What I Eat.
And Not Being Conscious Of Aging At All.
I Did That In My Teens And Twenties!
Wanting To Be Grown And Doing It Quickly.
And When 59 Came?
Who Knew I Would Feel 39 At 61?
Passing For Someone Aged 55!
And Lieing That I Am Yet 50 Years Of Age.
But When One Keeps Fit…
That’s The Fun Of It All!
No One Has To Know I Look Like Godzilla,
In The Early Hours Of The Morning.
Just Before Dawn.
And That’s What I Recommend.
Getting Up Just Before Dawn.
Taking At Least Two Hours To Pull It Together…
Because That’s How Long It Is Going To Take.
Before Any Public Appearances.
There Is No Need To Scare Anyone,
Who Has Become Accustomed To Your ‘Youthful’ Glow!
They Do Not Have To Know,
How Much Effort It Actually Takes!
There’s A Routine I Do Everyday.
It Takes Hours Off Of One’s Physical Appearance.
Do Not!
I Repeat…
Do Not Get Caught In Rush Hour Traffic.
Someone Might Get A Glimpse…
And Off You Go.
Carted Away To Someone’s Zoo!
That Happened To One Of My Neighbor’s!
But I Think She Is Undergoing A Major Makeover.
I Haven’t Seen Her In Months!
Although Her Backyard Is Littered With Peanut Shells,
And Banana Skins!

I Told A Couple Of Friends Of Mine,
My Next Door Neighbor Reminded Me Of Bubbles!
You Remember?
Michael Jackson’s Pet Monkey?
She Did.
But Not All The Time!
I Did Call Her Halle A Couple Of Times.
But I Was Only Joking!
When You Get To Become A Certain Age?
Everything Is Hysterically Funny!
One Has To Get Up Before Dawn,
To Practice Working On The Routine To Be Exercised.

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Locked In This Haunted Room
That Only Visualizes Hell And Doom.

I See Monsters In Flames,
Nemesis Of Torn Feelings And Pain

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Dil Ki Galiyon Se Aaj Koi Chal Ke Gaya Hai
Apna Pehla Ehsaas Mujhe De Ke Gaya Hai…

Tanahayi Ki Dopehar Ka Pal Thaa Woh Mera
Dhoop Mai Bhi Koi Itni Chhaya De Ke Gaya Hai…

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Dil Aajkal Kyon Badla Sa Rahta Hai
Pahle Tha Khush Ab Kyon Udas Raheta Hai

Aadat Thi Jinke Saath Rehne Ki Hame
Kyon Aajkal Wo Dil Akela Rehta Hai

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Haan Main Aisi Mohabat Karti Hoon,
Har Lamha Tujhe Hi Sochti Hun,

Haan Woh Chahat Rakhti Hun,
Dur Hoke Bhi Tere Dil Mein Dhadakti Hun,
Haan Main Aisi Mohabat Karti Hun,
Tere Naam Ka Hi Kalma Padti Hun,

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Mohabbat Ko Dil Me Chupana Padega
Hame Gham Me Bhi Muskurana Padega

Na Aahein Uthengi Na Aansu Bahenge
Hame Dard Dil Me Dabana Padega

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Boys Zindagi Mein Ek Bar Hi Mohabbat Karte Hai
Baba Saxidas Ke Anusar Ladko Ki Sachayi Boys Apni Life Mein Sirf, Ek Baar Mohabbat Karte Hai Aur Baqi Mohabbate

Two Rules Of A Man And Women Life
Two Rules Of A Man’s Life: 1. They Never Flirt With Any Unknown Lady. 2. They Never Consider Any Lady Unknown.

In The Exam Hall
Four Things Boys Do In The Exam Hall. 1. Counting The Teachers In Their Row. 2. Counting The Fans & Tubelights

Haye Re Ye Bache?
Ek Aadmi Ek Aisi Robot Car Banat Hai Jo Bina Driver Ke Sab Kaam Karti Hai. Ek Din Us Aadmi Ki Wife Usse Kehti Hai: "B

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Ek Murgi Ne Baaj Se Shadi Kar Li, Shadi Ke Baad Ek Murge Ne Murgi Se Kaha, Murga: "Ham Kya Mar Gaye The Jo Tune Ek Ba

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