When He Is Gone All Fairy Tales Are Uncovered
Myths Exposed

And Pains Magnified
The Greatest Pain Discovered

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Ye Mohbbat Kahan Kisi Ke Liye Asaan Hoti Hain…
Ye Kaisi Hanshi Hain Jo Ro Ro Ke Bayan Hoti Hain…

Badhte Hain Raahi Bekhauf Tufanon Se Hokar..
Dukhte Hain Jhakhm Jab Manjil Aasman Hoti Hain…

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Orange Suns And Pink-Purple Sunsets Ignite The Sky So Blue,
Its These Moments Of Utter Heaven, That My Thoughts Do Turn To You.
When The Last Frost Has Visited, And Crocuses Scatter The Ground Like The Blossom On A Tree,
These Are The Thoughts Of My Heart When Time Stops For An Eternity.
When The Twilights Darkness Is Injected With A Blast From The Dawning Sunshine,
Thats When My Soul Fills With A Thousand Butterflies, When You And I Combine.
When The Waves Journey Ends At The Joining Of The Sand,
Thats When I Can Imagine, The Taking Of Ones Hand.
When Mother Nature Adourns A Scratch On A Tree And Nurses It With Sap,
When The Sunflower Closes For The Night And Takes Its Sunny Nap.
Thats When I Sit And Ponder, The Beauty Of The Earth,
And When I Suddenly Realise The Meaning Of Your Worth.
A Thousand Crashing Waves, A Handful Of The Stars, A Million Brilliant Sunsets,
A Hundred Afars.
If Sky Is The Limit, Then I Do Succeed The Bounderies Of The Deepest Of Blue,
Since The Day I Met, And Fell Inlove With You.

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An Idea That Works Fish Face Photograph by Nick Kelly I Am So Cute, Sweet And Adorable Beautiful Eyes Of A Arab Girl Babies Are Delicious Faces Are Everywhere Wonderful Ganpati Ji Made By Vegetables Carving Comma Sutra Anti-Government Protester Offers A Rose To A Soldier Bhagwan Sabka Bala Karna

Jab Bhi Mai Chat Pe Jaata Hoon,Bade Galat Waqat Pe Jaata Hoon
Tere Maa, Baap, Behen, Ya Bhai
Dete Hai Chat Pe Dikhai
Jab Who Dekhte Hai Mujhko, Mai To Buri Halat Pe Aata Hoon
Jab Bhi Mai Chat Pe Jaata Hoon,Bade Galat Waqat Pe Jaata Hoon

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Nahi Ho Hamare Apne Dil Ko Samjhate Hain
Pal Pal Tujhe Yaad Karke Aansu Bahate Hain

Ab Bhee Teri Yaadon Ke Chiraag Jalate Hain
Unhe Teri Bewafai Ke Khyaal Se Bachate Hain

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Ruuh Bechain Hai Ik Dil Ki Aziiyat Kya Hai
Dil Hi Sholaa Hai To Ye Soz-E-Mohabbat Kya Hai
Vo Mujhe Bhul Ga_ii Iskii Shikaayat Kya Hai
Ranj To Ye Hai Ke Ro-Roke Bhulaaya Hoga

Vo Kahaa.N Aur Kahaa.N Kaahif-E-Gam Sozish-E-Jaa.N
Us Kii Rangiin Nazar Aur Nuquush-E-Hirmaa.N
Us Kaa Ehsaas-E-Latiif Aur Shikast-E-Armaa.N
Taanaazan Ek Zamaanaa Nazar Aayaa Hogaa

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