Khud Kee Hifazat Kee Fikar Na Karna,
Tumharay Hissay Kee Duwa Hum Kartay Hain.

Muhabbat Ye Beydarh Dil Karta Hai,
Par Saza Hum Bhartay Hain.

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Here I Am With Knowledge Of Purpose In My Life
Realizing I Have Been Born To Show Love
Where Sometimes Others Only Show Strife
On A Day Not So Very Long Ago
The Master Of My Soul Came So To Me He Could Show
Through All Of The Pain And Sorrow
That I Must Take Each Tomorrow
And Tell Someone, Anyone, About His Unconditional Love
That Found Me After He Sent It From His Heart
Directly From Above
The Unhappiness Through The Years
I Had Come To Know Would Now Begin To Show
How God Took My Pain Upon Himself
As He Called Out My Name
These Are The Plans He Has For Me
As I Journey Through Life I Begin To See
He Says ” These Are The Plans I Have For You Not To Forsake Youbut To Bring You Through
Bring You By A Way You Have Never Known Where You Will Begin To Stand On Your Own
I Will Set Before You No Doors That You Aren’t
Able To Pass Through ,
As You Walk The Path I Have Directed And Guided For Only You
Now You Will Understand The Foundation That I Laid
The Broken Pieces Of My Body With Which I Have Paid
The Price Upon My Body Each Blow And Strike
Not Just For You But Others Alike
As I Walk Through Each Darkened Area
The Blueprints Become That Much More Clearer
Upon Each Obstacle I Faced I Realize Had It Not Been For His Grace
I Could Not Have Won This Race
For Many Times I Wondered Why My Heart Had Such A Deep Cry
I Also Wondered Why He Would Pick Me
To Be Strong , Full Of Faith And Oh So Carefree
This Is When I Knew Why My Mother Had To Show Me The Way
So Many Of Life’s Lessons….She Told Me I Would Need To Pray
This Was To Help Keep Me Honest And Forgiving
So That On This Journey I Could Stay
Stayed I Have Because Of His Love As I Journey On
It Is Sent From Above And With Each Step I Take
Yet…Another Blueprint In My Life Awakes

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Muj Ko Dhooli Main Battha Darr K Hawalay Kar Day
Mari Maan Muj Ko Muqadaar K Hawalay Kar Day

Abb Yah Ahsaas K Duniya Main Koi Mara Nahin
Janay Kabb Mujay Samundar K Hawalay Kar Day

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Dard Itna Hai Ankhon Mein Chupaun Kaise
Keh Kar Begana Apna Tujhey Banaun Main Kaise

Mumkin Hai Zindaagi Thodi Hai
Jaaney Walon Ko Hath Pakad Bulaun Main Kaise

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Meri Yaadon Mein Ek Ankahi Rah Jayegi
Khuch Palon Mein Saari Zindagaani Rah Jayegi

Khuch Palon Mein Chal Doonga Duniya Chor Ke
Tamam Umar Teri Najron Mein Ek Nishani Rah Jayegi

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Tumhare Bi Jeene Ki Aadat Si Ho Gayi Hain
Bin Baat Ke Peene Ki Aadat Si Ho Gayi Hain

Kambhakt Ye Aansu Bhee Nahi Rukte
In Aansuo Ko Behne Ki Aadat Si Ho Gayi Hain

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