Although One May Often Wish,
To Forget Their Past Mistakes…
To Leave Behind Their Hardships,
No Matter What’s At Stake –
To Ignore The Lessons,
That They’ve Learned Over The Years…
Just To Disregard Their Heartaches,
Their Pains, Trials, And Tears –
I’ve Come To Know, That I Cannot,
Regret The Life That I Have Led…
I Cannot Be Apologetic,
For The Things I’ve Done Or Said –
I Cannot Live A Life Of Anger,
For The Sufferings I’ve Faced…
Or Think That Tears I Have Shed,
Should Ever Be Replaced –
The Moments Of Which I Faltered,
Or Made The Wrong Choice…
The Times That I Needed To Stand Up,
But I Seemed To Lose My Voice –
Along With The Days That I Stood Strong,
And Lived Up To My Potential…
All Joined Together To Form A Road,
That Each Soul Finds Essential –
For Each Step That I Took Along,
The Life That I’ve Been Through…
Became Just One Step Closer
…to Finding You.

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You Are My Sun
You Shine Over Me

You Warm Me
But I Can’t Touch You!

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Tanhaiyo Me Baith Ke Dil Ko Manate Hain
Apne Zakhmo Per Khud Marham Lagate Hain.

Ankho Main Anshoo Meredil Mein Dard Mein Kise Kahoo
Lagta Hai Jese Ye Jindgijiske Liye Jita Hoon Yahana

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Kon Kahta Hai Ki Sirf Ladke Hi Aish Karte Hai Lightning Rod Abe Chaddi Na Utariyo Mil Bant Ke Khana To Koi Inse Sikhe Turn On The Beats I am Gonna Dance Engineers Wedding Ring Watermelon Car Creativity Nestea Straw Face Calm Down Angry Kiddo Aisi Azadi Aur Kaha

O Delhi Ke Shahan Shah
O Bahadur Shah Tere Desh Mein

Kuin Par Gayii Desh Bhakti Ki Kamii
Jo In Buddhi Hadiyon Ko Na Mil Saki Do Gaj Jami

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Tere Chune Se Ehsaas Huaa Hain
Bahut Kuchh Baaki Tha Zindgi Mein Abhi
Ek Aahat Se Teri Dill Mein
Jeene Ki Tamannna Fir Se Laut Aayi Ho Jaise

Har Us Manzar Ki Chaah Hain Mujhe
Jis Lamhe Tum Mere Saath Ho
Bekhabar Si Hoti Ho Jab Sehlaate Ho Baalo Ko
Zindgi Saari Un Lamho Me Simat Aayi Ho Jaise

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Khilauna Jaankar Tum Toh Mera Dil Tod Jaate Ho,
Mujhe Is Haal Mein Kiske Sahare Chod Jaate Ho!

Ki Iss Gum Ne Mera Daaman Badi Mushkil Se Choda Hai,
Usi Gum Se Mera Phir Naata Jod Jaate Ho!

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Funny Veg Jokes

Ise Aap Modern Art Kehte Hai?
Santa Art Gallery Mein Jata Hai Aur Ek Tasveer Dekhkar Gallery Ke Malik Se Kahta Hai. Santa: "Ye Bhayanak Tasveer Ko

Inhe Kahte Hain Biwiyan
Wife Ko Pyaar Se Gulaab Maarne Par Response: English Speaking Wife: "You Are Really Very Naughty, Sweetheart." Hin

Ladkiya Bahut Hi Confusion Items Hai
Ek Ladki Ki Hasi Bahut Confusion Paida Kar Deti Hai Ladkon Ke Dimaag Mein, Usse Ghanton Tak Samajh Hi Nahi Aata. K

Santa The Thief
Santa Arrested In Case Of Theft And Judge Asking to Santa. Judge: "Why You Have Stolen Money From This Man?" Santa

What Will You Get?
Maths Madam To Pappu: "If You Have 12 Chocolates And You Give 5 To Leena, 3 To Teena And 4 To Meena, Then What Will You

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